Case Study: Adam Tech Labels

Case Study: Adam Tech Labels

In modern business, efficient management and accurate data representation are paramount. For businesses leveraging Acumatica's robust capabilities, the need for a label solution that seamlessly integrates with their system while ensuring swift and precise label printing has become more critical than ever. Introducing Asgard Labels, a cutting-edge Acumatica labeling solution designed to meet the diverse labeling needs of businesses.


Revolutionizing Label Printing for Acumatica

Asgard Labels currently serves several customers such as Adam Tech, a worldwide manufacturer of electromechanical components and cable assemblies, and is seeking a label solution that can not only print labels quickly and smoothly but also utilize data pulled directly from Acumatica in a seamless manner.

Asgard Labels stands out as a comprehensive solution that meets their needs as well as goes above and beyond to make it easy to print labels from any screen in Acumatica.


  • Issues between data transfer and label due to 3rd party integration
  • Complex environment to design labels
  • Lack of industry-specific barcode coverage
  • Lag between implementation time and printing


  • Find a label solution capable of printing labels quickly and smoothly using data pulled from Acumatica
  • To have a solution that allows you to design labels with ease.
  • Acquire software capable of printing industry-specific barcodes effectively.
  • Add 2D Barcode to the parking slip report



Asgard Labels is an Acumatica solution that allows users to define and print labels from any Acumatica screen in a matter of minutes. The solution is fully integrated within Acumatica, allowing users to map any data field, or system data to a label.

Asgard Labels gives users the liberty to design and define their own label model templates for printing and rendering.

Label models can be mapped to any screen in Acumatica (including generic inquiries). Asgard Labels supports ZPL-compatible printers; hence, is able to print industry-specific barcodes.



Direct integration into Acumatica Cloud ERP

No external applications or integrations. Create labels using data from our system: fast, reliable and up-to-date.

Print from any Acumatica screen

Design and preview our label models in Acumatica and map them to the shipment screen.

Efficient time management through a quick printing process

Print labels in Acumatica with the Nb of copies that we need at a click of a button.

Print any Industry Specific labels in any size

Print Electronic industry 2D in our labels and packing slip


  • Direct integration into Acumatica
  • Print Electronic industry 2D in our labels and packing slip
  • Efficient time management through a quick printing process

Case Study: Adam Tech Labels