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Our team specializes in the development and integration of Acumatica with other applications. Our labeling solution Asgard Labels is a reliable, efficient, and highly customizable solution for businesses.

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Asgard Labels: A flexible solution for all use cases.

Introducing a case study about a client operating in an industry where precision and error-free labeling are imperative for compliance with government regulations. The need for a label solution that seamlessly integrates with their Acumatica system, ensuring swift and accurate label printing, has never been more crucial. In this case study, we will showcase how Asgard Labels emerged as the ideal solution for our client's unique needs.

Pure Sunfarms is one of Canada's largest licensed producers of greenhouse-grown, recreational cannabis, and was looking for a solution that would allow them to improve the way they print their Regulation Packaging Labels. They aimed to simplify the process and reduce the time spent on label design and printing.

Additionally, Pure Sunfarms required a versatile solution to facilitate the daily printing of numerous labels. Each label was subject to dynamic changes based on various variables such as brand, location, THC, and CBD percentages, among others. Moreover, the label designs had to meet high standards aligned with government criteria and province-specific regulations.

Enter Asgard Labels—the chosen option and solution for Pure Sunfarms to enhance its labeling process and develop labels with precision. Explore the Case Study for further insights.

Case Study: Pure Sunfarms Labels


Revolutionizing Label Printing for Acumatica

In modern business, efficient management and accurate data representation are paramount. For businesses leveraging Acumatica's robust capabilities, the need for a label solution that seamlessly integrates with their system while ensuring swift and precise label printing has become more critical than ever. Introducing Asgard Labels, a cutting-edge Acumatica labeling solution designed to meet the diverse labeling needs of businesses.

Asgard Labels currently serves several customers such as Adam Tech, a worldwide manufacturer of electromechanical components and cable assemblies, and is seeking a label solution that can not only print labels quickly and smoothly but also utilize data pulled directly from Acumatica in a seamless manner. Asgard Labels stands out as a comprehensive solution that meets their needs as well as goes above and beyond to make it easy to print labels from any screen in Acumatica.

Moreover, Adam Tech aims to acquire a software solution capable of printing industry-specific barcodes effectively. Asgard Labels rises to the challenge by creating labels with industry-specific barcodes such as Data Matrix. This capability ensures that businesses can adhere to industry standards while maintaining a streamlined labeling process.

In essence, Asgard Labels is more than just a label printer. It's an Acumatica-integrated tool that addresses businesses' unique labeling needs. By providing a user-friendly interface for designing labels, supporting industry-specific barcode printing, and enabling direct integration into Acumatica, Asgard Labels is the go-to solution for businesses looking for a reliable, efficient, and highly customizable label printing experience.

Case Study - Adam Tech Labels


B2B Messaging Module

How to Gain Huge Cost Savings and Increase Trading Partner Satisfaction!

Asgard Alliance developed the B2B framework as part of a project for a client of an Acumatica VAR. You can find an overview of the project in this case study.

The B2B Framework is a format/middleware agnostic EDI module that allows to send and receive any type of document from and to Acumatica. It comes with the most common module document handlers (Sales Order, Invoice, Shipment, Quote, Purchase Order, Receipts, AR/AP Invoices, Credit/Debit Memos, Inventory Issue, Receipt, Return, Adjustment, Transfer, etc.), master data handlers (virtually all Acumatica screens) and an extensive set of Message Processor. It can also be easily adapted to new or customized entities. Messages can be exchanged with any middleware, iPaaS, AWS Queues, Azure Queues, internal, cloud or trading partner application using a variety of transmission protocols such as HTTP(S), SFTP, FTP(S), SMTP(S), AS2, AS4.

The B2B Framework, a world of possibilities!

Case Study: B2B Messaging Module


Vendor Product Rebates

We developed the Vendor Rebate module as part of a project for a client of an Acumatica VAR. You can find an overview of the project in this case study.

The Vendor Rebate module is a complete solution for distributors to calculate and accrue the rebates given by Vendors on your products sold. It is fully integrated into Acumatica and allow to setup, validate, accrue, report and generate a debit memo for each vendor and each period.

Case Study: Vendor Rebate Solution for Acumatica