PSF Case Study


Asgard Labels: A flexible solution for all use cases.

Introducing a case study featuring a client in an industry where precision and error-free labeling are imperative for compliance with government regulations. The demand for a labeling solution that seamlessly integrates with their Acumatica system, guaranteeing rapid and precise label printing, has become increasingly important.

Pure Sunfarms is one of Canada's largest licensed producers of greenhouse-grown, recreational cannabis. Pure Sunfarms was looking for a solution that would allow them to improve the way they print their Regulation Packaging Labels. Simplify the process and reduce the time spent on label design and printing.


Pure Sunfarms needed a flexible solution that allows them to print thousands of labels that change every day and vary based on different variables (brand, location, percentage of THC and CBD, etc)

The design of the label models must be picture-perfect while respecting the government criteria and regulations of each province.


  • Find a label solution capable of printing labels smoothly with precision using data pulled from Acumatica
  • Reduce the time spent creating and printing labels
  • Print labels in compliance with government regulations without errors


Asgard Labels is a native Acumatica solution that allows users to define and print labels from any Acumatica screen. With Asgard Labels, users can map any data field, or system data to a label within Acumatica. That gives users the liberty to design and define their label model templates for printing and rendering.

Asgard Labels has many features, one of which allows users to create logic-based rules for printing labels without errors.

Users can print from multiple printers, a default printer, or any printer on your network.

CBD label-02.jpg


Went from 150 label models to 30 with more rule- based options

  • Rule-based formats (by Pouch size)
  • Barcode by province (based on Production Order) Dynamic text by lab result, item, brand
  • Other optional elements driven by rules

Flexible solution to print all kinds of labels according to customers needs

  • Full support for custom fonts
  • Multi-language support
  • Automatic resizing for fonts, images, barcodes, graphics

Efficient time management through quick printing process

  • Reduce time to print labels from 127 hours to 20 hours per week

A high level of execution

  • Able to print the same labels on different printer densities (300 and 600 DPI) without any change.
Picture PSF.jpg


Direct integration into Acumatica

Efficient time management through a quick printing process

Labels are printed according to government regulations efficiently and without error

Case Study: Pure Sunfarms Labels